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The Future of WiiCursor

I have some loose plans for WiiCursor
  1. A WPF window that can appear in the top of the desktop when you move the cursor all the way to the top. This will show the current configuration. One of the drawbacks of having this very generic configurable program for the Wiimote is that it can be difficult rememberíng what each button means. I hope this will help.
  2. A WPF window which appears every time a button is pressed telling you what keyboard or mouse event fired. This is mostly for debugging purposes, and it should be configurable if it is to appear or not.
  3. A new event: START which when suffixed with a UNC path or an URL, should start a program.
  4. A new event: Shift which when suffixed with the name of a Configuration should change the configuration scheme of the WiiCursor program. In this way you can have all Configurations at your fingertips.
  5. A way to combine Keys so that a Wiimote buttonpress can fire Ctrl+C for instance.

The Future of DrawCursor

Also a single plan for DrawCursor
  1. A way to configure that what you have drawn should gradually disappear. Let say you annotate a powerpoint with your drawing. When you change slide what you have drawn doesn't make sense anymore. Rather than you having to delete it manually, this might be a good solution.

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